Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Good, Bad, and.....


On Sunday afternoon Martin went to Archery. Laura misses going as she's not allowed to yet after her spinal surgery so we did some baking.

Laura made two lots of scones - Chocolate chip and chocolate. They were good. My favourite is the chocolate chip. Laura enjoys baking but nothing else. Food hold no interest for her. It's just a means to an end.

I made some fate fee and sugar free oaty biscuits. They were bad, really bad. I forgot to add the mashed banana. I tried dusting them with icing sugar but it just didn't work so some went out for the birds. They don't appear too impress either.
There's a park at the back of our house (waste ground now the council took away the play equipment) and if I chuck them over the hedge the seagulls will eat them. They eat anything. 

We also made strawberries dipped in chocolate, now they were very yummy. So very nice that we made some more on Monday. We used milk chocolate although, for me, I feel dark chocolate would have been better and a little less sickly.

Sometimes after Christmas or Easter and we have lots of chocolate left over we make a large fruit platter of whatever fruit is in the fridge and melt the chocolate to make a dip. Laura then eats a variety of fruit including the ones she doesn't normally like. The strawberries were fun but I think we'll stick to the mixed fruit and dips in the future less indulgent too.



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