Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Recycling Hobby

Hello friends

A belated welcome to new follower Thrifty Deluxe. Hope you enjoy my intermittent ramblings about things we get up to.

Today I thought I would share with you one of L's hobbies. We enjoy going round car boot sales seeing what bargains we can pick up, even though I'm trying desperately to declutter and get rid of lots of things we don't need or use. Anyway L looks for old jewellery (beads on chains) that she can take apart and refashion into something else and never pays more than £1 for an item.
Here are a few examples of some of the things she's made.
L has made many key rings/bag charms and sold them to her friends at school and will be dong a workshop, at guides, in a couple of weeks making key rings for Mothers Day.
Everything she makes are a one off because it's all down to what she can get.

L has done a couple of craft fairs and the most successful one she did was when she made lettered key rings whilst the customer waited.

A while ago a dear friend's mum died and gave L all her jewellery making bits and pieces and that's how she has made the earrings. The only thing we've bought new was her pliers and pincers, so daddy could have his back and stretch cord for beaded bracelets.

I had a go a jewellery
making a few years ago but didn't enjoy it as much as L is doing.

I'm off to enjoy a bit more of today's sunshine in the garden before the school run.

Thank you for dropping by, it was lovely to see you.



  1. Cute! I used to do it when I was younger (I mean, pre-kids time :) It's a lot of fun to make something unique, and for a fracture of a price. Good job!

  2. Replies
    1. Thought about that but she only sells them for a £1 and I feel that after paying the fees and postage she wouldn't have much left. Good idea if she would put up her prices but she is adamant £1 and no more.

  3. They look really professional. Jane's right - she should think about an Etsy store!


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