Sunday, 22 March 2015

Catch Up

Last Sunday we thought we decided to have a trip out and being Mothers day I voted for Blackpool Zoo. It's been quite a while since we last visited and local residents got in cheaper if you had proof of your address.
We spent five hours there looking at all the animals and watching some being fed. Some tiny babies, ring tail lemurs, and big babies, tigers. The flamingos were looking ever so bright with their orange plumage and the pelicans were also looking rather peachy. They're in the same enclosure so I guess they're sharing the food. L really wanted to see the wolves. They were really interesting to watch as you could easily pick out the pack leader and then how they went down in rank. I didn't think to take my camera so no pictures, sorry!
It was a great day followed by Chinese take away. Something we don't have very often and it was so nice not to have to cook dinner.

I'm still sewing L's dress and still crocheting the granny strip blanket both are coming along nicely.

L has just completed her two weeks of work experience. She went to her old pre-school and really enjoyed working with the little children so much so that she was sad to leave on Friday. She's not sure if this'll be her chosen career though because she likes working with small animals and photography. L will go on to sixth form but at the moment says she doesn't want to go to uni so may look for an apprenticeship. Still another year at school yet so she may change her mind altogether.

I had an eye check up at the hospital this week and I have to have another injection in my eye. Only one this time instead of a course of three. Six weeks ago I had a post op check up and my eye was good. The specialist said that it was the best it was going get although my vision wasn't clear but between then and now it's deteriorated a little. Eventually I shouldn't need any more injections but it's a slow process. I'm very luck to be getting treatment as three years ago there wasn't any and I would have gone blind in that eye.

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