Friday, 8 July 2016


Last night was Laura's prom.

Here she is stanging at the gates of Mains Hall at Singleton. She had a fantastic night and felt relaxed enough to dance most of the night. The theme was casino (in other words glamoures). All the girls but two were in long evening gowns that must have cost a fortune, but they did look lovely. Laura was one of the two who opted for a shorter dress. Her whole outfit including her hair all came to less than 100 pounds (pound sign dosn't work on this keyboard). Laura thoroughly enjoyed her night without parents.
and heres a family photo.

PS. the computer went to the menders yesterday can't wait for it to come back I don't like this tablet for writing blogs.


  1. How beautiful! You must be so proud. I hope Laura had an evening to remember - she looks just lovely.

    1. Thank yoy Kate, Yes we are very proud as she has gone through so much this year. She's still talking about the prom today. I feel sure she will remember it for many years.

  2. You are rightly proud of your beautiful daughter- I am so glad she enjoyed herself


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