Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Busy May

The weather has been glourious this month, almost wall to wall sunshine. Some say it will last all summer. We'll have to wait and see.

Laura was working at the local RSPCA centre (as a volunteer) on the first bank holiday monday and at lunch time we picked her up and had a picnic at Knott End . These are the views of Fleetwood.

We went to the Scorton Bike and Barrow festival. Scorton is a small village but the community come together for this event and out do themselves every year with their displays which includes some scarecrows. I didn't take many photos but this one I loved of Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor's garden. We ended the day at a pub beside the canal at Garstang.

Two weeks  ago we attended Martin's great great neice's Christening. It was a lovely service in an old church in Bispham and was followed by a celebration at North Shore Golf Club. The view from the huge windows of the function room were magnificent. The building in the back ground is the old Miners Convelecant Home which was sold off several years ago and turned into allartments. The builders, before they started the renovations, opened up a lot of the building for public viewing along with the plans for the renovations. It was beautiful inside, very grand. I understand that the builders were very sympathetic in their renovations and tried to keep as much of the original features as possible. Just beyond the building is the sea

Laura had a day off college and we went up to the river for a little walk and a cold drink at the cafe. As were were sat having our drinks we watch a Robin visit the table next to us. We also took a look and mum and dad's trees. I was worried that one of them might not survive. However they are growing very well and one even has some flowers on it too.

I've been making some plastic bottle bottom poppies for a little garden display.  I decided to go in for a little competition, set by the local gala, (our gala is on 10th June). There are two themes to choose from. The Suffregettes or the End of WW1. I picked the End of WW1. We have a small raised boarder in the front that has lots of spring flowers but not so many summer ones (working progress each year). So what I've done is grow some veggies, not many, in pots and will place some of them in the gaps in the boarder and others around the wall and fence.  It was a bit late in the season, when the competition was announced,to grow the plant from seed so I bought  some. Only what we would use. I will show pictures of the garden when it's complete. Today I'm moving the post in position (I hope they don't get pinched) and tomorrow I will put out some bunting. There are a few more poppies to put out which Martin helps with that. Judging is between the 1st and 9th June and the winner will be announce at the Gala Queen and Princess crowning event on 10th. This Saturday is Poulton gala.

My red current bush is so heavy with fruit if fell over. Luckily it is next to a tree so between us we've managed to strap it up using the tree trunk. I think it may have to come out as it did the same thing the year before last. 

In between all this I've been invigilating for the GCSE's at school.. 

Thank you for dropping by and reading my rambles


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