Tuesday, 1 May 2018

1st May. What ever happened to April?

I'm thinking back to what I did during April. I started to tidy up the garden, a little bit each day when it's not raining and we had a lovely afternoon out. We (the 3 of us) went out for lunch the other weekend when the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. We went to a pub in Garstang and sat by the canal (a few boats were moving about). The food was delicious and the glass of cider was refreshing. Afterwards we went to the very expensive garden centre, Barton Grange. We had a look at all the lovely displays but didn't bother to look at the prices as we had no intention of buying

The toadstools and bees are some kind of metal and that corner was a little too colourful. The crocheted dreamcatchers reminded me of jellyfish. I think they came to mind after visiting the seaside display. I do like the hanging seagulls. Much nicer than the ones that c@*ped all over my car windscreen yesterday after next door had fed them grrrrr.

I like this sign but we have more spring flowers than either of our neighbours.

Matin and Laura took rather a liking to this bear  

Ladies you will never see these on display at this garden centre as these are the gents urinals. I really don't know what to think about the Lilly. Please note that I didn't venture into the gents to take the photos. Martin did that and waited until  it was empty.

May has started with some lovely sunshine I hope its here to stay, for a while anyway.



  1. I love looking around garden centres but they do tend to be on the expensive side don't they. Love the picture of your husband and daughter. The urinals are something else. I'm thinking the ladies are bog standard (pardon the pun) as you haven't posted a picture of them!

    I saw a sign for the Wyre Estuary Country Park at the weekend. We were trying a different route home from Cleveleys, through Weeton, so think we'll pay a visit in summer. I've also requested a drink at the pub in Wrea Green at some point when it's warmer. I expect there are loads of villages waiting to be discovered.

    I'm hoping May warms up as we're all ready to get out and about as much as possible now. Have a lovely week. xx

    1. Barton Gange is a lot more expensive than the 2 we have near us but the display are superb. At Christmas time they really go to town with their displays. There are some lovely villages around here. I will have to tell you about them another time.
      P.S. I read your second message but forgot to publish it. I will be free at the May half term, and hopefully the weather will be good. Laura may have a couple of free days but will still be in collage.



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