Tuesday, 3 April 2018

No Snow for us this March

Hope you all had a good Easter break and didn't get too many jokes played on you on Easter day.

March was a funny old month it started with the Beast from the East 1, when every where was covered in snow. Kids and some workers got snow days, some people got stuck, a baby was born (in the snow). We woke up to an inch or two and by the afternoon it was gone but it was so very cold. I just could not get warm, I even got my old jumpers out and still I was cold.  A week later it felt like spring was finally on it's way and it was just a tiny
 bit warmer. Laura and I took ourselves off for a lovely walk on the beach. It was so nice to get out in the fresh air and blow a few cobwebs away. That BftE was a bit persistant when it came back twice more. We still didnt see much snow. the odd flake that was all.

A few weeks before the BftE1 arrived I'd arranged a family get together to plant two trees in honour of our mum and dad. We planted them at the local nature reserve with the help of the warden and then scattered their ashes. Afterwards we went for a nice meal and gave a toast to mum and dad. They have a lovely veiw.

Mother's day was a nice day and Laura bought me some really nice flower bulbs for the garden that will come up each year. It was such a lovely idea. Cost about the same as a bunch of flowers but last much longer. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a little more before planting them out.

Even though Laura is 18 she still attends a dance class each week. She loves it and as there is no upper age limit she wants to stay as long as she can.  The week-end before last was the annual dance show to showcase the different styles they do. Usually the show is held in Middleton which for us that have to travel makes it a long day. However this year it was held at the Marine Hall in Fleetwood.  Every year I'm asked to do some sewing and this year was no different. 25 pairs if mouse ears. I hand stitched them on to little hair bands. Also the brightest orange waistcoats fot the two boys. 

I've finally finished my jumper I started back in November. Sorry no picture as I washed it and it's not dry yet.

My RAF brother came for a flying visit. He'd been on a course, at BAE at Samlesbury. He retires this year and is going to work for BAE systems out in Saudi for the next five years, so it was nice to see him and catch up.
I wonder what April will bring?  We will have to wait and see.

Have a great April



  1. You're right, it has been cold and apart from a few hours of sunshine here and there it still is! The bulbs are a brilliant idea, fresh flowers are always lovely but something that will come up every year is even better.

    I just love the little mouse ears, they are so cute. I bet you're the dance teacher's dream, being able to sew :)

    The tree planting is a wonderful way to remember your Mum and Dad. Could you choose the trees or did you have to plant specific ones? xx

    1. Hi Lan 38. Looks like the weather is starting to warm up this week and looks like I might be able to plant out the bulbs.
      I've been sewing for the dance class for a few years now. I don't know what she will do if Laura decides to leave. Will pass that bridge when it happens.
      The trees had to be ones that drop the leaves in autumn rather than an evergreen. We were luck in that we already had 2 trees that mum and dad had grown from seeds (Rowen) and the park wardens accepted them. The area is lovely and a great place to walk, there is also a great kids park, a picnic area and a great café. (Wyre Estuary Country Park)



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