Sunday, 7 April 2013

Another Busy Week.

Hello friends.

Welcome. You might want to get a brew as this is going to be a long one. I started it yesterday.

First an update on my no spending days for March. There were 17 of them. I seem to be getting better. The decluttering is going well. I listed 10 items in the local paper and sold one (14 books in one lot) and swapped the PSP for a SatNav which will be advertise in the local paper as we already have one. I had some stuff set aside for car booting but have transferred them to either selling in the paper or to charity. I have two bags and a heavy box of books for charity so I called into one of the new shops that's opened up on the high street and made arrangements for them to be picked up - no one came. So I called in again and made arrangements and again no one has come for the items so I'll go to one of the others shops instead.

For Sale 6
To The Bin/Recycling 27
For Charity 54
Passed on to others 2
For Car Booting 0
Total 89

Next our trip to Lancaster. We went to the Maritime museum on the side of the River Lune. It was housed in a very old building which I believe was the customs house. It was very interesting as it went through the history of Lancaster and the Slave Trade right up to the modern day. We then went to the pub for lunch and had a superb meal, all cooked from fresh. Our first meal out this year. Next we had a walk along part of Lancaster Canal. I do feel that the museum could have filled the rooms with more exhibitions as there wasn't a lot to see however here are some pictures.

A Collage made by a local school

Lancashire rose and anchor made from knotted ropes

An extra picture that I can't some how remove without deleting the others. Anyway it's an early dug out boat.

My Ribs with Monkeygland sauce. Not as bad as it sounds (NO monkeys involved). The sauce was so nice and very delicious I had to google it so that I could make it at home. M had steak and L had chicken gougons.

A house on the canal bank with open fields opposite. Stunning.
Another with a resident crocodile

This week on Wednesday M took his taxi for a service so we went off for the day to Grizdale Forest in the Lakes. We did a 45 min walk first and then had a picnic lunch before going on to do a 21/2 hour walk that took us 31/2 hours. more pictures.

The 45 min walk took us past Go Ape where you climb amongst the trees (with harnesses and other protective gear) and slide on zip wires.  Not a hope will you ever get me to do that, besides it's £30 each. 


Now for the longer walk. There are several walks to choose from and and at the beginning there are wood carvings and some fun stuff for younger members of the family. A number of  these keys were attached to trees. You are suppose to be able to wind them up and then listen to some clock work music. There are 32 short pieces of music that are played randomly. Only one key was working. 



I don't think Ms legs are quite long enough to climb this giant style.

 We climbed many hills like this one some steeper and some not quite so steep. We just kept going up then some flat, then up again. I really don't like hill walking I prefer flat. Some of the views were amazing. Most of the forest was sheltered and quite warm but occasionally there was an ice blast and had to put our coats back on.  Plenty of snow the higher we went. We had a little game of snowball's.

  I don't know which hill this is but look at all that snow. 

Just a few logs. There were about four piles of logs like this one, All pine.  
.At Last down hill. By this time my lower back was hurting badly. We had a lovely family day out and it was nice to get out into the fresh air.  This coming Tuesday M is taking L walking up and around Cat Bells at Derwent Water. I'm staying at home and sewing and will have a nice tea ready for them when they get back.
Today we went field walking to two car boots. L got lots of bead and chain necklaces for her key rings and I got a welcome ornament for the front step for £1.
This coming week we, as the mums of the Gala queen and retinue, are working on the gala float. We did some last week, oh it's back breaking but will be worth when finished.
I need a brew now. I did say it was a long one.
Thanks for dropping by it was nice to see you.
PS don't know why the post changed part way through but it wasn't doing on purpose. I give up I can't sort it.



  1. Looks like you had some awesome time together! The pictures are beautiful! And nice job on decluttering.

    1. We did have some wonderful times together. M works a long of hours as a taxi driver so these times are so rare.
      Thank you

  2. You have been busy. Have you been to Snatchems near Overton for a meal? We enjoy eating there but you have to look up tide times or you could get stranded.

    I think you've been typing in your picture frame.

    Love from Mum

    1. No we've not been to Snatchems but sounds like fun. Must put on our to do list, Thanks for the sugestion.
      I will not have to put captions on photos and just write at the sides or underneath and hen I will have more control of what I'm doing. Thanks for that.
      I'm goin to join in with your Spring Fest.

  3. A lovely walk , though at three and a half hours I think it qualifies as a hike!
    Jane x

    1. It was only meant to be 21/2 hrs. Hike it felt like a beep hike. We kept going up and round then round and up before coming down and there was some rough tracks some of tree roots that were very pretty but hard to walk on and others that were loose stones or rocks (looked quite new).
      I'm defiatly not doing the Tuesday one. It's another upwards one before coming down again. I prefer flat.

  4. We went cycling in Grizedale Forest last year, and so I well remember the hills! Thanks for sharing your days out - it's nice to see pics of the other end of the country from us.


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