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Welcome to new follower Chrissie from I've been a secret follow of Chrissie for a while (sshh don't tell her) She is such an inspiration, she can knit, crochet, embroider and much more, why not take a look?

Ok my Christmas makes. My 11 year old nephew is into Harry Potter and wanted a scarf similar to the character's. Having looked on the internet and checked out the price his mum asked if I would make him one for Christmas and a hat. He wanted Gryffindor colours which is a dark red/maroon and gold. I didn't have those colour so I trotted off to Fleetwood market (I also did some other bits and pieced whilst in town).
The badge I was going to make in cross stitch (I hate doing cross stitch; I find it so boring) however M found one on Amazon. In total this scarf cost me £10 which is less that half of what the original would cost.

For my baby nephew, a toddler of 21/2,  I've made him a jumper. L decides that is should be red and black striped. This yarn I already had as it was left over from the Hero blanket I made earlier. To go with the jumper I have bought a Thomas story book that was half price. That's Three down and a few more to go.

Next on my needles will be something pink for their 8 month old sister. But first I need to make a Christmas decoration because I have join in with a Christmas swap organised by another great crafter.

This week I have decorated a picture frame I got for my birthday. I was lovely as it was but a little too stark so it went from this

to this

I played around with different ideas and ended up with this and it got L's approval. Now I just have to find some photos which could take a while to get them just right.

I need to get on I've to go out, clean some cupboards (yuk) and then I want to do some baking.

Hope you all have a good week end and the weather stays fine.



  1. These are very professional makes - sounds as though you are very organised for Christmas. I just lurch from idea to idea with no definite plan.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thank you Mum. Organised? yes and no. I have plenty of shopping to do but have no motivation at the moment and there a one or two that I have no idea what to get or make.

  2. You've been busy :) This Harry Potter set is awesome! Your nephew will be one happy little guy :)

  3. Your knitting is so neat! You've made fabulous things - I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled with them. I've renovated a table and chairs this week for K and A for Christmas. J and I love them so much we would like to keep them! Next on the list are a tea trolley for Mum and a quilt for KL so I'm going to be very busy.

    1. Thank you Scarlet. Looks like you have been very busy this week. I always enjoyed seeing your renovations and upcycling. I'm sure K and A will love their table and chairs. Is the tea trolley a wooden one?


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