Friday, 20 December 2013

2013 Challenges and Needles

Hello friends

I've been thinking about next years challenges and what I would like to achieve and as yet I've not decided as there a quite a few going around in my head. My plan is not to set too many so that it's impossible to achieve them. When I have made my decision I will let you know. Back to this years challenges did I succeed or not?

Blog twice a week I started well with this but in the end I couldn't keep it up because sometimes I didn't have anything to say and other times I just didn't have the time and other times I did have something to say but no pictures because I forgot my camera (ah carry my camera all the time challenge).  Will I be able to do this in 2014? probably not. Although we don't have a gala float to build this year my mum is getting worse (has Alzheimer's/dementia) and has entered into the later stages so dad is going to need more help.

Declutter 365 items from our home Yes! I succeeded in this one 555 items have nearly left our home. still have about 10 things to sell. We have bought a few items but not 555. L had a clear out of her room (she did so well. Really proud of her) and made lots of space. We sent a lot of things to charity, passed a few things onto others that was useful to them, binned other stuff that was of no use to anyone and could not be he recycled, recycled and sold some stuff. This challenge I will repeat again next year because we still have way too much stuff.

Set up a shop on Folksy After lots of research I didn't set up a shop on this web site because after deducting the commission and other fees I wouldn't earn much so I decided to set up my own web site, www.l& This has not been successful and luckily I only signed up for one year. I will not renew my membership when it's due. I do get lots of hits but no buyers.

No spend days This was a good one but I forgot to keep a record as most days were a no spend day anyway. Some months I only went to the supermarket to do the weekly shop so it was a whole month of no spending. I won't bother with this one next year as it's normal and not a challenge.

Now for the needle. This morning I went into hospital to have a small procedure done. Since October I have been back and forth to the hospital to have scans done and see the consultant to get a diagnosis then a decision about the treatment. I have fluid around the macular of my left eye and has made the vision very blurred and there is only one treatment. A steroid injection into the eye. Yep into the eye. I was feeling quite sick this morning whilst M was driving me to the hospital. I was worried that it was going to hurt, or would they numb my eye? They did put some numbing drops into my eye just before I went into theatre. I had to lie on the bed and the surgeon put this blue cloth over my face with a window in it so that he could see my eye. I felt the needle and said "ouch" so he had to stop and put some more numbing drops in and then continue. Back in the waiting room I joined the lady who was sat next to me. She was really scared and was quietly tearful. I chatted to her and asked about her children and after my procedure I told her the facts and not what happened to me I didn't want to scare her anymore. She was ok afterwards. All the staff were wonderful they do a great job - Thank you.
Now I have to wear a clear eye patch until tomorrow morning and use some antibiotic drops for a week. and then a check up a week later. My eye feels very uncomfortable at the moment it feels dry and sore. I feel I want to rub it but thankfully I can't with the patch on. M thinks I'm a pirate and I tell him it's the new Christmas accessory.

Nearly time to get L from school, she's on a half day today, so I will say bye for now and thank you for popping by I love to read your comments and if I don't make it before Christmas I hope you all have a great one and an even better New Year.



  1. Aaaaaargh! That's Merry Christmas, in pirate.....might be useful for a day or two!
    Glad the procedure went well.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Jane x

    1. hahaha like it. Shame our parakeet, Scooby, is unfriendly or he could have sat on my shoulder.
      Thank you.

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better very soon!! That doesn't sound very pleasant but I'm glad you had a nice staff to help you!!

    1. It wasn't pleasant. It feels much better this morning.

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and rest that eye.
    Love from Mum


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