Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Festival and Victorian Market

Hello friends

Last night we went to a Christmas festival and Victorian Market.  We went last year but it was so cold and damp that we didn't enjoy it much so decided that we would go again this year as it was dry and see if it was any different.

The stall holders were meant to dress up in Victorian costume but didn't. However there were a few people dressed in costume but I suspect that they were the committee.
There were many food stalls selling burgers, hotpot, curry, chips. and some were selling drinks like mulled wine, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  A few other stalls selling other types of food stuff and one or two selling Christmas items. Most of the shops were open for business but nothing we were looking for.

We met these two happy people. I loved their costumes, or were they the real ones? What do you think?

We also met this very tall guy. There were two of them, not sure where the other one was. They mingled with the crowd, shaking hands of the adult males and high fiving the children and posed for photos with children and actually managed to crouch down almost to their level. Their costumes were white and silver and quite magnificent. As you can guess these were the highlight of my evening. L's highlight was probably the chips and hot chocolate oh and not forgetting the hot donuts. M's highlight? having the evening off from taxiing. I think we might give it a miss next year.

Does anyone else go to similar festivals at Christmas time?
And what are they like?



  1. I love those costumes - I bet she's warm and cosy in this cold.
    Love from Mum

  2. We have been to the Christmas Markets in the centre of Edinburgh for the last two years and are not going back this year, it is ok but not great!

    I reckon they were the real Mr & Mrs Clause :)


    1. I was hoping to find lots of Christmassy stuff to tick our shopping list.
      They do look very real.

  3. We don't have anything local but the pioneer villages have something similar.
    Jane x

    1. Have you ever been> what are they like?


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