Thursday, 25 October 2012

Meet Scooby

Hello friends

Scooby is our Red Rump Parakeet. We've had him for around 6 weeks and is about 26 weeks old. We got him from a local pet shop.

Scooby lives, in the living room, in a big cage during the week but at weekends we let him out (if we are staying in) and he spends most of the day on the fire place looking in the mirror, occasionally he likes to sit on the window handle looking outside. M made a lovely perch for him to sit on the fire place. Unfortunately birds can't be toilet trained so we have lots of little messages to clean up afterwards. To make it a bit easier we put paper under his perch. At night when he's ready he will return to his cage.

We got a book from the library about how to care for parakeets and how to teach them to talk. We talk to him daily but he hasn't learnt anything from us yet (might do when M starts doing DIY and the air turns blue). He picked up a sound before coming to us - a smoke alarm that needs a new battery, which can be a bit ear piercing. However he does have a lovely natural song.

Two weeks ago I was sat knitting and he decided he wanted a bath and dunked his head in his water bowl and then proceeded to stand in it and bounce up and down to spread the water. It wasn't very successful so later in the week we went back to the pet shop to get a bird bath. It fits in the door way and you put in just a bit of, room temperature, water. Scooby has been investigating it but has not ventured inside yet. Lena, at Frugal and Thankful, said that they used to lightly spray their birds but as Scooby is a very timid bird and moves away when we approach him so we felt that that probably wasn't a good idea.

He lets us know when he wants to go to bed and and if we are late waking him up. We cover him with a piece of black material at bed time. Last weekend he let us know that he wanted to come out by pecking on his door. He also likes to watch the TV at night but doesn't appear to have a favourite programme as yet. He talks to the oven timer when that goes off  and also the microwave.

I think that's it

Hope you all have a nice day



  1. Such fabulously intelligent birds. I knew someone who's bird never seemed to learn to speak until one day the lady was cleaning the bird and he said "Oh, such a mess, such a mess". It was what she always said when she cleaned him.
    Jane x

  2. We talk to him every day.When I go out I shout "Bye Scooby" and like wise when I return "Hello Scooby" and lots of other rubbish throughout the day/evening.
    I suppose they talk in their own time

  3. What an entertaining companion. Due to an allergy, I have to settle for the wild birds at my feeders.

    1. We also feed the wild birds and Scooby chirps with them. He still han't used his bath except to drink from.

  4. Oh I love Scooby! He's so sweet! I love the way he lets you know when it's time to go to bed and get up! Maggie xx


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