Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Hello friends

On Sunday we went to my local supermarket to see what bargains I could get as they were closed on Monday for refurbishments. Well, I got a watermelon (I love watermelon) for £1 instead of £2.50 and some red potatoes reduced to a £1. and that was it. We should have gone earlier in the day to get more choices. The store was so busy just like at Christmas time and it was difficult to find somewhere to park. I hate it like that.

I usually go shopping Tuesday morning after dropping L off at school (she starts at 8.30am) and the store is fairly quite then. I didn't go yesterday when it re-opened as it was busy again and I didn't think there would be many bargains. I went today instead.  Wow!
The store looked amazing around the green grocery and flower area. Lots more exotic fruit and veg and more varieties of the regular items all beautifully displayed in wicker baskets on chilled cabinets down the middle of the isle. The fresh herbs have this chilled steamy cloud passing over them, to keep them fresher for longer I suppose. It all looks clean fresh and spacious. You can now get flower bouquets made up while you wait and they now sell a small selection of children's clothes supplied by Peacocks. The rest of the store has had a move around too so it took me longer than usual to find what I wanted off my list. I still didn't get any bargains though but on the good side I spent £20 less on this weeks shop.

I have joined Froogs in the Stoptober of no spending during October. I have a set budget each week for grocery shopping and a separate budget for Christmas shopping (saved a set amount each month)and that will be all the spending I will be doing. I plan my car trips so that I use as little fuel as possible but may have to put some in before the end of the month as the tank is just less than half full.

I was going to make some Rhubarb jam this week but I don't have enough jam jars. My parents have plenty so I will cadge some later in the week and make it next week.

I'm going to have a hot lemon and honey now to help get rid of the sneezy cold. Ahchoo!



  1. Get better soon! And good luck in October with your No spend goals.


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