Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Hello Friends

I've been tagged by Sassy Breeze at Muddle Puddle and now you will learn a bit more about me.

The Rules:

Each tagged person must post 11 random facts about themselves.

Answer the 11 questions set by the previous blogger,

Create 11 more questions.

Tag 11 more blogs, with less than 200 followers. (Sassy arbitrarily reduced this number to 5 which
I will go along with because most of the blogs I follow have more that 200 followers.)

Inform the blogs that they have been tagged.

One of my favorite colours is yellow (reminds me of the sun), I'm an early riser but also like seeing beautifull sunsets, I wear gloves when gadening as I don't like getting dirt in my finger nails, I don't like drinking tea, I can sign the alphabet, I love frosty mornings, I have athritis, I have natural highlights in my hair, I love the countryside.

Sassy's Questions:

1, What are you reading right now?

Churchill's Bodyguard by Tom Hickman. Its a biography of walter H Thompson and is based on his memoirs. It's interesting but not very exciting.

2, If you could have lunch with any one person that is alive today, who would it be and why?

Sue Hayward. The year before last I met her briefly. She was the Lancashire Woman of the Year. She runs the charity Children of Watamu. you can find out more at www.childrenofwatamu.net . She has so much passion and drive in what she does and is a true inspriation.

3, If you could have lunch with any one person in ALL of HISTORY! who would you choose and why?

My Grandma. She died when I was in my early thirties and I still miss her. I never asked about her early years we only talked about the here and now. I was once told by a psycic that she watches over me so every so often I say hello to her.

4, What is one action or inaction you regret?

Not walking away before I got married the first time.

5,  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

I don't realy know the answer to this question. Despite the above answer, my late ex-mother-in-law used to say "what goes around comes around" and I truely believe in it. It has got me through some rough times.

6, What was your favorite candy bar as a child?

Caramac, a caramel flavored choclate type bar.

7, What is your favorite treat today?

Galaxy Chocolate with a cup of coffee.

8, Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

I used to work behind the residents bar in a 4star hotel in Blackpool and I met quite a few famous people but the most memorable and nicest has to be the comedian, Russ Abbott, when he was at the height of his career, a really nice genuine man who hadn't let his success go to his head and Vince Hill he was the same.

9, If I gave you $100 (or euros, pounds or whatever...) with instructions that you must spend it today, what would you do with it? 

Invite you to join our family day out with a nice meal and take lots of photos.

10, What is the one item you own that you really should throw away but probably never will?

My 1st wedding dress. My mum and I designed it and made it. I am very proud of our workmanship.

11, What was your favorite thing to pretend when you were a young child?

My friend and I would dress up in our mums old evening dresses, that they had given us, and we would pretend we were posh ladies.

Well thats one bit done. I'll have to come back and carry on tomorrow because picking L up from Guides now.

Ok I'm back. Good afternoon. I've had a vey busy morning.

What's my next task, oh yes, my 11 questions:

1, What is your favorite "me" time activity when you get the chance?

2, Do you prefere Spring or Autumn?

3, If you could have just one wish what would it be and why?

4, When as the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

5, What was your favorite subject in High School?

6, When taking a holiday what do you prefer, countryside, seaside or city and why?

7, If you were hosting a dinner party who would be your guest of honour and why?

8, As a teenager who was you idol?

9, Do you prefer to read a book and turn the pages made of paper or a kindle?

10, What is your prefered footwear, heels, trainers or flats?

11. What is your favorite fairground ride?

Next I have to tag my blog friends who have less that 200 followers. I can't do 11 but I can do 6 and here they are:

Kate at Granny Taught Me To Crochet
Pamela at Feral Homemaking
Alison at Heavenly Handmades
Belinda at Frugal Workshop

Now I just have to let them know. I hope you have fun doing this



  1. I think you need a lie down...that was a a lot of question answering!
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane
      I had to do it all in two halves and L came up with some of the new questions as I was running out of ideas.
      My fingers are feeling recovered now.

  2. Loved reading your answers, thanks for tagging me:)


  3. Thanks for the tag, will eventually get around to responding.

    1. I will look forward to reading it


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