Monday, 29 October 2012

Stoptober update 4

Hello friends

This is my last post for no spending in October. I realise that there are still a few days left.

I did well with the grocery shopping and saved £15 but ended up spend some of it later in the week for some supplies for Saturday night as L had one of her friends for a sleepover (have another one tomorrow night). However I didn't do any other spending.

On Friday I looked after my little nephew whilst his parent moved house so L and I took him out, in his pram, and went window shopping. L thought we were looking for new windows and when I explained that we we going shopping without any money and looking through the shop windows there was a big sigh of relief and a little disappointment because she likes shopping. It was a lovely walk but it was very cold.

What have learnt from Stoptober -

The main thing that I've learnt is that if I don't go near the shops I can't go in them and spend. I like charity shops and often find some nice bits for L but for the time being she doesn't need anything and of course it will soon be Christmas. And next year I want to declutter so there's no point bringing more stuff into the house.

What have you learnt if you have been part of the Stoptober?


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