Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Advent Calender

Hello everyone. This is my countdown to Christmas. This will be a challenge in it's self to write every day though out December and give me something else to think about as well as L's forthcoming operation.

here we go:-

1 My favourite Christmas tradition?

Before L was born M and I, with a group of friends, would go to the pub Christmas Eve afternoon then come home and have a takeaway for tea. Then L was born and I felt it was wrong so I stayed at home M came home drunk bringing takeaway in with him.

About five years ago(ish) L and I were chatting about Christmas Eve and we decided to our own thing a set some new traditions for ourselves. We get a small buffet tea ready and then go to a Christingle service at a local church. We've tried different churches and L likes the Methodist service although we've not been to the Catholic church yet (not sure if they do one). We come home get into our brand new pyjamas and enjoy our tea whilst watching a film and wait for M to come home. He's is so funny when he's drunk. Sloppy and silly.

Another tradition we used to do was that everyone used to come to me for Christmas day. 3 brothers, their partners and children and my mum and dad but that's changed too. I don't know how we fit everyone in our small house. Christmas day is now a quiet affair where we have a leisurely breakfast and Christmas dinner when it's ready and maybe a bit of supper later. Dad will go to my youngest brothers for the day. That will be strange and sad without mum this year. And Boxing day we go to my in-laws. Then we might have a family party (gathering) later that day or the following day. We stretch Christmas out as long as we can.

I'm sure all this will change again as people get older.

I would love to hear about your Christmas traditions



  1. We've always listened to the Queen's speech in the afternoon after opening our presents.

    1. I for got about that one but we too also watch the Queens speech


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