Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What Christmas means to me:

2 What Christmas means to me:

For me Christmas is all about spending precious time with family and friends chatting and catching up.

I like to quietly reflect on up and downs of the past year (there's been quite a few this year) and the hopes for the coming new year.

For me Christmas is also a celebration of the birth of Christ. I find this difficult to explain as its my own private feelings that are not shared in our home so I just keep them to myself.

What does Christmas mean to you?



  1. A season for stopping the hum drum and hurly burly activities of life and looking inwards to the home and family. Sparkling up the house in the depths of winter with ornaments, greenery and lights. Welcoming friends and family into a warm, home, celebrating life and affirming the values of Love, Hope and Peace for all.

    1. That all sounds lovely, mum. The photos of your decorations always look amazing.


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