Saturday, 5 December 2015

No 5 Favorite Christmas Food

My favourite Christmas food has to be the roast dinner.  I'm not to fussed about Christmas pudding or cake. I also like the Boxing Day buffet we do. I start to make it just after breakfast and that's it for the day.
We don't buy all the lovely fancy foods in the supermarket and we don't have anything fancy on the buffet either. We did it once and suffered for it for a few days after as it was all too rich and our stomachs didn't like it. From the star of December I've been buying little extra bits and putting them in the freezer. Some have ben yellow stickers for example: a small piece of ham -will cook in the slow cooker with water and the stock will go in the freezer to make pea and ham soup with left over ham, two cheese and tomato pizzas, chicken wings/drumsticks. I'm going to get my turkey from Aldi next week. and then we are done.

What is your favourite Christmas food?


Other news - On Thursday M was fixing the aerial  on our roof when the ladders slipped from under him and down he came. he was very lucky as he broke his fall as he came down and only ended up with 3 fractured vertebra on his lower spine. I phoned for an ambulance and a paramedic came out along with the air ambulance and then the regular ambulance arrived. They were all amazing.
M was taken to Preston hospital where he is still. A back brace has been made and he's waiting for it to be fitted and then he will be allowed to sit up and maybe stand.
Family have been really good taking me and L from Blackpool to Preston to see him. I do drive but not that far and if I did I'm not sure I would be safe under the circumstances.
He has been so, so lucky as there could have been two different outcomes. One I will not think about and the other he could have ended up like my friends husband who is paralysed from the waist down from falling of a bungalow roof (different circumstances though).
And after all that the aerial is still flapping around the roof. I have a number to ring this morning to make arrangements for it to be fixed,
Next up is L's turn for her back a week on Monday. I really don't think I can take any more.

Have good week end and don't forget to tell me about your favourite Christmas food



  1. Oh my goodness, wishing him a good recovery. Best wishes to all of you.

  2. Oh my goodness Carol. What a scary day! I'm hoping he makes a quick and rapid recovery X
    I just think you've had all the bad back stuff one family can cope with!

    I too love the Christmas Day roast dinner itself. Esp because I use goose fat to make my roasties then and only then! But best of all is the real twice fried homemade chips, turkey and peas with the left over gravy we have on Boxing Day X

    1. The year stared with hospital visits and is ending with hospital visits. I really hope no more gets thrown at me as I just don't think I could cope.

      I make my roasties by par-boiling and draining them and then bash them about in the pan to rough them up then roast then in the bacon fat/oil that I've cooked the breakfast in.

      Your boxing day sounds good. Would that be cold turkey with chips and peas? ( oohh with loads of vinegar yum)


    2. Yes! Cold turkey, chips n peas!
      I too par boil my spuds, drain n shake to get em fluffy!!

  3. Oh, poor you - it's not your year is it? For a really horrible thing to happen it seems to have had the best outcome as you say. I hope he's not in the hospital for too long and no going up the ladder again.

    1. It hasn't been our year. It started with hospital visits and now it's ending the same way. I won't let him go up on the roof again.


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